Product Range

  • Home Furniture – Lounge Suites, Dining Room Suites, Bedroom Suites, Plasma Stands, Coffee Tables
  • Church Furniture – Pulpit/Podium, Stage
  • Office Furniture – Desks, Chairs, Boardroom Tables
  • Occassional Furniture


  • Furnished the Constitutional court at Mashonganyika Building – 13 Judges Panel Desks, 13 Judges Chambers and Lawyers Desks
  • Construction of ZRP Courtroom Furniture Fittings
  • Furnished ZIMRA 12 Suites Lodges in Bulawayo
  • Furnished SADC RPTC 38 Roomed Lodge


  • Zimbabwe Republic Police
  • Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe
  • Midlands State University
  • Great Zimbabwe
  • Zimplats
  • Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company

Types of Timber we use for our Products

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KIAAT (Mukwa)

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Posted by Adambede Manufacturing on Tuesday, February 6, 2018